Senior Clinical Professional

Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management...

...with over 20 years of expertise.  Extensive career includes health care clinical experience coupled with strong business, regulatory/ compliance, patient safety, and risk management background.  

Extensive project management skills. Led the development of a MDR Reportability Matrix for a 70,000+ product portfolio.  Development of 2-tiered taxonomy for medical device complaint categories used across 3 business units.  Managed state-wide specialty healthcare improvement projects including efforts to reduce wrong-site surgery, blood specimen mislabeling and other patient safety related issues. Managed national health-system-level patient safety enrollment including marketing, recruitment, c-suite presentations, kick-off planning, onboarding of facilities, program monitoring, and continuous education via onsite training, webinars and teleconferences.  Extensive project management skills.

Advanced healthcare research and technical writing skills. Routinely research medical and patient safety issues to identify clinical standards, guidelines and evidence-based best practices, and synthesize knowledge into succinct risk reduction strategies.  Experience writing scientific, peer-reviewed articles for journal publication, including authoring original research.  Medical grant writing experience and author of numerous National Quality Forum serious reportable event submissions.  Author of many scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles, educational tools, articles and textbook chapters. 

Focused analytical abilities.  Ability to analyze and integrate risk, quality and safety principles.  Experience analyzing and distilling large data sets to identify trends or triggers in patient safety, and to develop effective risk mitigation strategies. Routinely analyze multiple tasks, and prioritize them in order to meet client specified goals and to formulate cost-effective, quality based reports and recommendations. 

Outstanding educator and communicator.  Diverse experience with proven ability to communicate well within all organizational levels.  Global training responsibility for MDR reportability. Routinely present information to physicians, attorneys and C-suite level personnel.  Ability to develop and present complex information in a meaningful way.  Developer of continuing nursing and medical educational content.